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Welcome to An Integrated Experience

Personal Development and Leadership Coaching supporting the creation of clarity in communication and aligning with integrated purpose in their lives. 


Giving you a permission slip to live with clarity, confidence and passion 

Supporting you the whole way

Sometimes we get busy tending to others needs.  Our Partners, children, parents, or employees, but what about us?

If you have:

-Woken up and realized you no longer remember what you want to be when you grow up (or who)

-Are in the midst of a change, large or small, and feel lost or cloudy in decision making

-Just don't know what to do about "that thing"

-Are seeing a repeated pattern that you'd like to shift or rework entirely

-Are craving "you" time/energy but are feeling the "blahs" or just are just simply frustrated

Working with me can give you:

-Clarity and confidence in decision making

-A safe place to focus on YOU and your wants and needs

-Space to find your drive

So You can:

-Focus on what is most important

-Show up 100% yourself-ready to take on whatever life brings you

-Be excited, confident, clear and aware again

-Find true self care (not just a mani/pedi, though those are great too!) and a plan to maintain it

Rediscover who you are NOW-not last year, pre Covid, pre kids, pre " this job", Etc.


 About Me

Lara Traube, CPC, ELI-MP


My name is Lara Traube….and like you…I have been there.


From an early age I stepped into leadership-without thinking-just doing.  I found myself as the rock in my home, helping out with tasks and support early on.  I studied Communication and Holistic Healing in college-not sure how the two would mesh, dropped into business positions in construction, radio and mortgage for security.  All the while a part of me still longed for creativity, autonomy and to be of service. I leaned into those spaces in each role as a strength.

I've experienced frustrations in just showing up for life and work.

I've been stuck, somewhat lost, in viscous cycles and whirlwinds feeling that what I was looking for was just out of my grasp. 

I spent years searching for myself--only to realize that what I was actually searching for was the power to let go of those voices I had telling me "not yet" "you're not ready" "stay small"  and comparing my journey to others.  I lost myself in the earliest years of motherhood and management (which for me occurred at the same time).  Until I found a coach who supported me in finding what was important to me now, in this stage of my life.  And I found coaching.


Leaning into my intuition through coaching has allowed me the freedom to be who I am.  Who I have always been-It gave me my "aha" that my experience in leadership thru corporate roles as well as my varied background, have prepared me well to coach modalities to serve my clients.  I know the feeling of not quite knowing what is next.  And I see the power each of us holds to uncover that and to build into-whatever is right for you at this moment.


I strive to show up for my children aware, present and available.  Coaching has allowed me to do this with my family  by embracing what is, not chasing "perfection" and living authentically.   I hope you'll allow me to serve you from this space as well as we journey together!


2020 CPC, 2019-ELI-MP, Institute for Professional Excellence In Coaching

San Francisco State-2001, BA Broadcasting and Communication Sciences

San Francisco State-2001, Minor Holistic Healing




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